Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Huge new book about Linton Hall Military School just published!

Linton Hall Military School

The newest, biggest book about Linton Hall ever has just been published. And you can buy it at cost!

This book is huge: 7x10 inches, 208 pages, 51 chapters with over 60,000 words of text, plus lots of photos and excerpts from Linton Hall brochures going back as far as 1949!

It's much more than a collection of my blog posts; I've added twelve new chapters including:

>> The time we went into a submarine on a field trip
>> The chicks of Linton Hall
>> Solar eclipse at LHMS -- a once-in-a-lifetime event
>> The smells of Linton Hall
>> More letters to and from Linton Hall -- excerpts of letters I sent and received while I was there

... and lots, lots more!

This book will bring back a flood of memories for Linton Hall Military School alumni: the nitpicking rules covering everything from making your bed to folding your underwear, the nuns’ cruel punishments, the occasional compassion from officers, the fun of camping trips, the officers' rifle club, and the things we managed to get away with in spite of LHMS' rules and lack of privacy.

This is a crazy joy-ride of good and bad memories and emotions for alumni, and an astonishing peek into the past for current students and recent graduates.

Books this big usually cost around $25 at a bookstore; but you can get it for just $5.69 -- which is exactly what it costs in printing costs and Amazon selling fees; I don't make a penny. My goal isn't to make money -- it's to share my memories and thoughts with alumni, and anyone else who's interested.

The price is guaranteed for just one week. After that, who knows?

So get your copy now -- while it's still fresh in your mind.

"Linton Hall Military School Memories" is available exclusively at

A preview including table of contents is on the Amazon site.

P.S.: Now you can read this book for free! The Prince William County, Virginia public library has added "Linton Hall Military School Memories" to its collection. It's in the Dale City branch, but you can probably get it through interlibrary loan if that branch isn't convenient.

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  1. I read your book. Most interesting, to say the least. When I was in grade school I used to see boys from local military schools going to and from their schools. They wore their uniforms and always looked sharp. I had fantasies about attending their school myself. I thought it would be exciting and fun. Your book put those old thoughts of mine into a new and sobering perspective.

    I was in the Navy in the late1960s and have also been an adult officer in the Navy Sea Cadet program for teenagers [Los Angeles area]. That experience revealed a lot to me about how to deal with kids away from their parents. One of the biggest revelations about the Sea Cadets program is not about the boys but about the adults....many were totally out of control.

    Your story reveals that the lack of nighttime adult supervision was a major problem. Leaving a lot of kids by themselves at night...not a good idea.

    Military schools have been a lifelong interest of mine...your book puts a lot of that into a sharp, focused and realistic picture.