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Linton Hall Cemetery Photos

An alumnus has provided me with photos of the cemetery at Linton Hall.  The cemetery is located on the LHMS (now Linton Hall School) grounds, if you're walking from the canteen towards the pool, tennis courts and water tower, by the time you reach the pool you're halfway there, keep walking in the same direction.  Of course, the cemetery was "out of bounds" so most of us have probably never been there.

Right: View of gravestones of sisters from cemetery entrance.
 Left:  Sister Ethelreda, former principal of Linton Hall Military School during the 1960s.

The DuCharme sisters were possibly the Commandant's aunts.

Cemetery at Linton Hall, Bristow, Virginia

Same last name as Sister Doris Nolte (Sister Mary David.)  Possibly they were sisters in both senses of the word.

Sister Gertrude taught English and History at Linton Hall Military School during the late sixties, and I believe she had previously been Principal of LHMS, as well as a Benedictine school in Richmond.

Sister Irene was prefect of one of the senior dormitories.

Known as "Louie" he attended LHMS as a child, went away to high school and joined the Marines, then returned to Linton Hall where he spent the rest of his life working on lawn maintenance and as night watchman.  Very well liked by LHMS cadets, and fondly remembered.

Bill Farquhar coached sports, taught gym and geography, was auctioneer at school fundraising auctions, and lived right across the school on Linton Hall road.  His wife, Virginia, predeceased him.

Sister Joan Ann taught Art and was prefect of one of the senior companies.

Last but not least, a cadet who died at Linton Hall is in my next post.  Giving him his own post is the least I can do.

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