Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Linton Hall Military School Uniform Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words ... here are some photos of the Linton Hall dress uniform.


  1. What a shithole of a place! sister mary david and her gaggle other deformed and sick women are all dead or very soon to be, answering for their sins. They took advantage of young men, who very obviously came from homes with serious problems. Why else would a parent send their child there? They mistakenly entrusted them to the benedictine nuns who exploited the young boys for financial gain. Pathetic!

    1. Yeah, I went to Linton Hall from 1961 to 1966. Got some stories from that place!

  2. I was a Captain and won the medal for best company. Gene Callahan was too cool, hanging out with Bobby Childress, the student commandant. So he didn't care about the company, and it showed. I got the company and made it a crack outfit. Then this kid,Garvey, who I guess had well off, or connected, parents, convinced the school to give him my company. The nuns gave me a "D" in religion, (because you can't fail religion, but you do get demoted), and demoted me to 1st lieutenant. But my platoon won best platoon on military day. Wow, the memories!

  3. I remember that uniform well and then there were the summer whites (white pants & hat covers) which we also wore on the traveling parade unit. Then the daily uniforms the khaki pants and shirts with the blue sweater and the hiking/free time uniform the blue t-shirt & sweatshirt with the olive fatigue pants then the peacoat and olive daily use jacket and navy watch cap with boots and shoes that needed endless polishing plus a pair of white tennis shoes. Then the stenciled names on everything skivies included. Oh the memories flooding back that I had forgotten existed. Oh! What about the blue and yellow "Honor Cadet" pins, first to eat and first dibs on seconds, I forget how you earned those, and for a month or was it two weeks?