Friday, June 28, 2013

The boy who died at Linton Hall Military School: Eduardo Facha García, 1944-1954

Among the graves at the Linton Hall cemetery, one stands out from the others.  It is the grave of Eduardo Facha García, a cadet born in 1944 and who died in 1954 at Linton Hall Military School.  I do not know whether he had already reached his tenth birthday.

It is always a tragedy when someone so young loses his life, made even worse by the fact that he was from Mexico and died so far away from home.

I have not been able to find much information about him, or how long he had been at Linton Hall Military School before he died.  He arrived to Idlewild (now JFK) Airport in New York City on June 14, 1954 from Mexico City.  He had a sister, Raquel Facha García (her name would have changed if she married) who was a year or two older, and probably a younger sister, named Maria Teresa.  His mother's name could have also been Raquel.

If any of his family sees his grave, I would like you to know that it is in good condition and well maintained.

"De sus padres" at the bottom of the grave means "from his parents" meaning that his parents had the grave marker made.

(I have found a different, likely unrelated Eduardo Facha García, on the Internet.)

God bless you, Eduardo.  May you rest in peace.
Que Dios te bendiga, Eduardo.  Descansa en paz.

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  1. Hello! My name is Maria Teresa Facha, I entered the internet in the unlikely hopes to find information about the where abouts of the grave of Eduardo Facha Garcia, who I would have known as my uncle had he not died so young abroad! I can tell you that infact you are correct his mothers name is Raquel currently 97 years old and his Fathers name was Eduardo, who died in 1983. At the time of little Eduardos death, besides the 2 sisters you mentioned, he also had another younger sister Irene and a younger brother Alberto (my father) who was 4 at the time. Seven years after Eduardos death a new member of the family was welcomed and was given the same name, so the Eduardo Facha Garcia you found on the internet is very likely related! could be eather my uncle or my younger brother who happens to also be Eduardo Facha Garcia. Facha is a rare last name in Mexico but Garcia is not. Little Eduardo was at Linton Hall to learn English for a year, it is a family tradition and we all have done it, of course due to this tragedy we were all set when older to different English speaking countries. Thank you very much for honoring his memory and letting us know his grave is still there and well kept! It means a lot! We all currently live in Mexico, but if I ever get the chance to visit his grave it is very comforting to know where I have to go and more over that I will find it! thank you again so much!! Maria Teresa Facha..

  2. Thank you Maria Teresa Facha for letting me know that someone from his family saw my post and the photo of Eduardo's grave. The cemetery is at the Linton Hall School (it dropped the word "military" from its name many years ago) and it's a very small cemetery so it's easy to find if you or a member of your family ever visits.

  3. I attended LHMS from 1951 thru 1956.I graduated as Captain Adjudant with Tommy Moore being Colonel. I would like to tell you of some of the horror stories I witnessed and also experienced during my time there, but not on this post.
    Thank You -
    Michael Joseph (Joe) Ross

    1. Michael, I'd love to hear from you. If you're on Facebook you can contact me that way. Search for Linton Hall Cadet on Facebook.

  4. Hello Maria Teresa. My name is Maura Mercado Mora de Jonas. It was very nice to find you in the Internet,(small World) but very sadly to find out about Little Eduardo's death! It really broke my heart!..I never knew about his existence. I knew that my aunt Raquel have a child with the same name, which is the youngest of her five children! Your father Alberto is my cousin. Although we only have the opportunity to meet few times during our youngest years, I have very good memories of him. He is a remarkable human being! It's nice that he named you Maria Teresa like his sister, which happens to be my madrina de primera comunión when I was 7 Year Old. I am 70 year old now. I have live in San Diego, Ca since 198O, and haven't visited Mexico ever since. I hope this comment gets to you and hopefully have the opportunity to get to know you better!. Have a great day!😄