Monday, February 20, 2012

John Phillips, famous Linton Hall Military School Alumni

John Phillips of The Mamas and the Papas at Linton Hall

Perhaps the most famous of Linton Hall Military School alumni is John Phillips, singer, songwriter and guitarist of The Mamas and the Papas, a band which reached its peak success during the 1960s with hits such as 'California Dreaming,' 'Monday Monday,' and 'San Francisco (Be sure to wear a flower in your Hair.)'

John Phillips, son of a USMC officer, was born August 30, 1935 on Parris Island, S.C., but grew up in Alexandria, Va.. He entered Linton Hall Military School in the Fall of 1942, at age seven, and became part of the Drum and Bugle Corps. He attended Linton Hall for four years.

John passed away in 2001, at age 65.


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