Monday, December 20, 2010

Linton Hall Military School's declining enrollment

I have just found some interesting statistics about enrollment at Linton Hall, as well as Linton Hall tuition figures.

Note how it reached its peak in the 1950s and declined to half that number by 1988-1989, the last year that it was a military school.

The school had eight dorms, each with a capacity of around 50 beds, so it looks like it never reached its full capacity of 400 resident cadets.

Year..... Enrollment Faculty Tuition

--------- ---------- ------- -------------

1934-1936. 84 ...... 12 .... $ 315

1940-1944 152 ...... 12 .... $ 315

1951-1953 250 ...... 15 .... $ 500

1962-1964 225 ...... 13 .... $ 720

1970-1971 210 ...... 20 .... $1,580

1980-1981 173 ...... 26 .... $2,310-$4,235

1987-1989 109 ...... 21 .... $2,186-$6,396

Source: "The American Pre-College Military School; a history and comprehensive catalog of institutions"

by Samuel J. Rogal, 2009, page 202. ISBN: 978-0-7864-3958-4

Note: I found this by searching for the book's title in Google Books. The entry on Linton Hall takes up only about half a page, with a short paragraph describing it, and the above statistics.

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  1. According to a Washington Post article, 6/25/1992, "Linton Hall Commencement Marks First Female Graduates" 1988-1989 was the last year of the military program. That year there were around 90 students, one of whom was the first girl, a fourth grader.

    After the military program was discontinued, enrollment dropped to 32 students. During the 1991-1992 year there were 116 students, including approximately 50 girls.

    In June 1992, six students graduated, four boys plus the first two girls to graduate from Linton Hall.

  2. I attended LH for 2 years and they happened to be the last 2 years of the military program (1986-7 & 1987-8) and I was in 5th and 6th grades respectively. The female was 1 year behind me and her brother was with me. I used to take her to the school daily as the 3 of us were "Day students" then. There last names were Turner. I also have a now adopted brother who attended LH for 5 years (1982-3 thru 1987-8) from Ethiopia. My first year there (1986-7) there were 103 students, and my 2nd year (1987-8) there were 98 (1 female). This was also the year Mrs Poole started teaching there as a teacher and was, at the time, single. Ironically, her now huspand Mr Poole was also my teacher. They married years later.

    1. she was 2 years my junior, sorry..I was in 6th grade and she was in 4th