Saturday, November 10, 2012

Index: Linton Hall Military School Alumni Memories Blog

For new readers, I suggest you begin reading the oldest entry first (the one shown first on this list.) Click on any of the links below:

Linton Hall Military School Memories
Linton Hall School

LHMS from an adult point of view

LHMS and how it sucked up our parents' money

The school's declining enrollment

Response to comments from alumni

Blind obedience at Linton Hall Military School

Camping and hiking ... and what I learned at Linton Hall might have saved my life

Being an officer at LHMS

The things we got away with!

What other Linton Hall alumni wrote

Did we learn leadership there?

Life before Linton Hall
Linton Hall's unpaid workers: the officers

History of Linton Hall

Getting "bumped" -- the officers' rite of passage

Why would a "military school" even exist?

They started aclling it "Linton Hall School" at least ten years before it stopped being a military school!

Rules and procedures for using the toilet

What I learned about sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll at Linton Hall

"A boy is more than just a boy; he is an individual"

What the Linton Hall Military School brochure said ... and what it was really like

How awards were given (or denied to those who really deserved them)

John Phillips (of The Mamas and the Papas)-- famous Linton hall alumni

The 1940s at Linton Hall Military School

Why do some alumni see nothing negative about the school?

Linton Hall School -- today

Special Sunday treat (for very lucky officers only!)

We used to shoot real guns at the rifle range

Fun in the snow!

Finding Linton Hall alumni

Mail from Home!

Camping and the "Over & Under" patch

Goodbye Linton Hall; My last post?

Letters from Linton Hall: The first couple of weeks

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